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Navigator Registration

Important: In order to volunteer with the LISNS, you must read and agree to the program terms. This includes agreeing to LISNS Terms of Use Policy, LISNS Privacy Policy, Mentorease Terms of Use Policy, and a Criminal Code declaration.

The Seniors’ Legal Info Navigator Program

Seniors’ Legal Info Navigators help people to create a personal directive using an online app and a guide about personal directives. The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) created the app and guide.

Navigators help others in their communities by connecting them to reliable legal information. Navigators follow the practices set out in this online orientation.

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization that gives people information about the law and their rights and responsibilities.

The role of a Seniors’ Legal Info Navigator

As a Seniors’ Legal Info Navigator you will:
- give callers legal information over the phone and online
- help them to use the Personal Directive App on the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia website
- help them fill out the information needed to create a personal directive
- keep all information confidential
- use LISNS’ lawyer referral service as appropriate
- follow the practices in this online orientation.

A Navigator’s responsibilities

As a Navigator you will not:
- give legal advice
- give opinions about medical treatment or end-of-life care
- present yourself as a legal or health care professional
- accept money or presents from callers
- accept money or presents from a lawyer in exchange for services
- meet with callers in person
- act as a delegate under a personal directive
- ask for specific financial or banking information such as PIN numbers, SIN numbers, bank account numbers or balances, credit card or debit card information
- be named as a delegate, executor, attorney or beneficiary under any a personal directive, will, or power of attorney.

Navigator skills and qualities

While LISNS gives you resources and information to fulfil this role, we expect that as a Seniors’ Legal Info Navigator, you will be:
- comfortable speaking with others on the phone
- comfortable using technology and email
- patient
- able to work independently
- able to relay and explain information to others.

LISNS’ mission is to provide accessible and free legal information to others. We need Navigators to help us do that, and we expect you to:
- protect people’s privacy and keep their personal information confidential and to
- follow the LISNS practices you see in the online orientation.
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Both Navigators and people who seek help from Navigators, are encouraged to report misconduct to LISNS. Please contact [email protected] to express any concerns related to the Seniors’ Navigator Program. You can also call us to share your concerns at Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia 1 800 665-9779 (toll-free) or 902-455-3135 (Halifax Region).

Statement about criminal charges

My risk

I am using the MentorEase platform at my own risk and have read MentorEase's terms of use policy here.
I am using the Seniors’ Navigator Program at my own risk and have read LISNS terms of use policy here.
I understand that LISNS assumes no liability for my actions as a navigator. LISNS offers training for volunteer Navigators, but LISNS does not take on any liability for the risks of using this service.
An important note on Privacy.
We will keep the information you provide through the Seniors’ Navigator Program as long as you wish to be on the Navigator database. While we have your personal information, we won’t share it beyond the purpose of matching you with a person seeking help; we will do our best to keep it secure—there are always risks. In order to be a Navigator on the LISNS Navigator database you will have to agree to accept these risks.
I agree to keep personal information received as a Navigator private and confidential in accordance with LISNS Privacy Policy here.